Rising to the Challenge – Bake Off Week 3

I don’t know what it is but I still feel there is something missing from Noel and Sandi’s presenting style. Of course it didn’t help that during the programme Noel decided to play the hanging teacups at the back of the tent with a couple of wooden spoons and broke one. My immediate thought was, ‘That never would’ve happened in Mary Berry’s day!’ Perhaps, despite my resolution to be open-minded to the new style Bake Off, I really am too attached to the old one…

And speaking of the old one, we had the welcome return of innuendos this week, with saucy comments left, right and centre (I had to watch the episode several times to count them all!)

Anyway, this week was Bread Week, and while Stacey, Flo and Julia were all quite excited, Sophie and Steven were both a little worried.

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Last Night of the Proms at Ickworth House

Saturday night was the Last Night of Proms, and I was lucky enough to be in attendance. Well, sort of.

While others were snuggled on the sofa with BBC 1 on the television, my boyfriend, his sister, our nephew and I were sat outside with our fold up chairs, our picnics and our umbrellas (and they were definitely a good idea).

No, I wasn’t sat in my finery in the Albert Hall, I was layered up in the grounds of Ickworth House to watch the Bury St Edmunds Concert Band perform their version of the Last Night of the Proms.

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New Faces, Same Tent? – Bake Off Week 1

Well this is awkward. A Bake Off blog about Week One the day before episode two airs… I don’t think I’d be winning any star baker prizes, do you?

Of course it doesn’t help that I had actually got most of it written, only to go back to it and find the draft hadn’t saved. Although my tags had, and did them at the end? Go figure that out…

Anyway, I digress, and given I’m woefully behind already I really should be getting on with it!

So, The Great British Bake Off is BACK! And with it brings 12 new bakers, 30 new challenges, and of course the changes everyone has been talking about for months, two new presenters, one new judge and one new channel.

Prue Leith, a restaurateur with 50 years of culinary experience takes over from her good friend Mary Berry. As a big fan of The Great British Menu, the show Prue was formally a judge on, I was satisfied that she’d be a good fit to fill the shoes left by the nation’s beloved Mary Berry.

As for our new presenters, Sandi Toksvig and Noel Fielding, I was more apprehensive. I’ve seen both of them in action (granted, Noel was dressed as Kate Bush for Let’s Dance for Comic Relief), but I was unsure about how they would fair as a double act – something Mel and Sue have down to a fine art.

Of course, there really only was one way to find out. So, I tuned in.

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Book Review: The Killer on the Wall by Emma Kavanagh

When Isla Bell is 15 she finds three dead bodies propped up against Hadrian’s Wall and a fourth person badly injured while on her morning run. Over the next few weeks more bodies appear on the wall, and Isla’s hometown of Briganton is filled with fear.

But soon the nightmare is over – Isla’s father DS Eric Bell catches the killer, Heath McGowan, and he is sent to jail.

Twenty years later, Isla is a Professor in criminal psychology and has chosen McGowan as a subject for her studies. Soon a new body is on the wall, even though the killer is still safely behind bars…

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Book Review: The Second Sister by Claire Kendal

Ten years ago Ella’s sister Miranda kissed her baby boy goodbye but never returned to collect him. New evidence has been reported in the papers suggesting that Miranda could be linked to Jason Thorne, currently in prison for murdering three women.

Ella is now thirty, and Miranda’s son, Luke is ten. With the news about Thorne playing on her mind and Luke starting to ask questions, Ella once again begins to search for answers.

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As Twitter informed me that today, 21st June, is National Writing Day, it seemed as good a time as any to tip-tap on the old keyboard and write a blog.

Radio (or would that be Blog?) silence once again, for which I must apologise. Although I’m only a little bit sorry as it was mainly down to me getting ready for, then going on, then mourning being back from, my holiday! I spent a lovely week in the sun – and to be fair I can’t overly complain about missing it as we’ve been very lucky with the weather over here recently. Unfortunately, as I live in England I do not have a swimming pool to jump into when I get too hot or air con to help me sleep at night… But hey ho!

Anyway, more on that later, as you’ll be glad to hear I read one and three quarter books, started learning a little bit on the piano, and wrote something from the point of view of my cat, so once they’re all typed up and I fully shake myself out of the post-holiday blues, content will once again be forthcoming!

And now back to the matter at hand – as it is National Writing Day I thought I’d take this post to share what I like about writing, and why I do it.

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Book Review: The Secret by the Lake by Louise Douglas

When news comes that Amy’s grandma is on her deathbed, the family she nannies for in France encourages her go home to Sheffield. After her grandmother passes away and Amy has found a new job, she receives a message from Julia, the woman she used to work for – her husband Alain has died, and her and her daughter Vivian have been forced to move back to Julia’s childhood home in England, Blackwater.

Grieving and destitute, Julia asks Amy for help. But when Amy arrives at an unloved and desolate house, she finds out that the ghost of Caroline, Julia’s older sister who died at the age of 17, haunts the whole village and Julia herself, so much so that no one will speak of her, and if they do it’s with hatred and disgust.

Soon though, Vivian says she talks to Caroline and strange things begin happening in the house. Is Caroline haunting Blackwater in more ways than one? Soon, it’s not just Caroline’s secrets that Amy is uncovering, but the whole of Blackwater’s…

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Adulting Proper


I know what you’re thinking: ‘well, that new year’s resolution about blogging regularly soon went up in smoke’. Well I suppose it did, though not through any fault of my own. It’s funny, you don’t realise how much you rely on the internet until you don’t have it.

You see, I have finally become a proper adult and moved in with my boyfriend, and unfortunately connecting the internet took a little longer than expected…

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