Discovering Melford Hall

May is quite a good month really, (and not just because that’s when my birthday is), but because it’s bookended by two bank holidays- an extra-long weekend and an extra short working week- it’s a win-win.

Well… It is if we get good weather- unfortunately living in England, bank holiday weekends are approached with trepidation: ‘will it be sunny or will be all be trapped inside yet again because a year’s worth of rain decides to empty itself all over the country?’

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My brother is at college doing drama, and for a recent assessment he asked me to write him a ghost story which he then performed. The stimulus he gave me was a boy and his brother walk into the woods one night and they see a woman cradling a baby in a clearing. When they walk back past the clearing half an hour later she was gone. This is what I came up with. 


“You shouldn’t go into the woods,” his grandma said. “Especially at midnight, you shouldn’t go into the woods…”

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Book Review: Disclaimer by Renee Knight

I don’t believe it’s unfair to say that for some people books take them on a journey. Usually it’s because a character or situation really speaks to them, but Renee Knight’s début novel took me on a journey for an entirely different reason.

After moving house, Catherine Ravenscroft finds a book she doesn’t recognise on her night stand. Not thinking anything of it, after all house moves are a bit stressful, she begins to read. But as she does she starts to recognise herself, and a realises someone has found out a secret she’s tried her hardest to keep hidden, and worst of all they’ve put it down in print for the world to see.

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Girls and Their Gadgets

Everyone knows the phrase ‘boys and their toys’, (usually said by mothers/wives/girlfriends about their sons/husbands/boyfriends, accompanied by an obligatory eye roll, as the male in their life plays about with his latest hi-tech gismo), but I know many girls who love a gadget just as much as the next bloke, and I’m no exception!

It’s been remarked by several people that I’m an older person trapped in a young person’s body, or that I’ve been born in completely the wrong century, and in some ways they were proved correct when, on the approach to my 24th birthday, I only asked for two things.

Two kitchen appliances to be precise, (I know, I’m a right party animal huh?)

Anyway, ‘what were these exciting gadgets?’ I hear you ask.

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The Name Game

‘What’s in a name?’ Ponders Juliet in what is arguably Shakespeare’s most famous play.

Names can be problematic- someone in my office recently said that it doesn’t matter how long parents take carefully deciding what to name their child, she’s never once heard anyone say, ‘Oh I really love my name!’ (Personally, I don’t have too many issues with my name, apart from the fact its much shorter than those of my siblings.)

Anyway, the name game for this blog was particularly challenging- not least because I don’t really have a clear idea of what this blog will be about. ‘Oh no…’ I can already hear you thinking, ‘this could well end in tears…’

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