The Name Game

‘What’s in a name?’ Ponders Juliet in what is arguably Shakespeare’s most famous play.

Names can be problematic- someone in my office recently said that it doesn’t matter how long parents take carefully deciding what to name their child, she’s never once heard anyone say, ‘Oh I really love my name!’ (Personally, I don’t have too many issues with my name, apart from the fact its much shorter than those of my siblings.)

Anyway, the name game for this blog was particularly challenging- not least because I don’t really have a clear idea of what this blog will be about. ‘Oh no…’ I can already hear you thinking, ‘this could well end in tears…’

So, maybe I should clarify.

And introduce myself, because actually going on without identifying oneself is a little rude isn’t it?

Hello, I’m Katie, and I’m a  little out of practice with writing. I studied Creative Writing at university, and unfortunately it fell a little by the wayside after graduating and entering the real world. A couple of jobs later, writing is still part of my life, although my role now involves reading other people’s work rather than creating my own. And so this blog is a way to remedy that. As you may have guessed, some of it will be my own prose, and they’ll be some book reviews (because, as my lecturers always told me, to be a writer you have to be a reader), as well as some general ramblings about different thoughts, or things I’ve done, places I’ve been etc…

In other words, this is a blog of eloquent gibberish…


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