Girls and Their Gadgets

Everyone knows the phrase ‘boys and their toys’, (usually said by mothers/wives/girlfriends about their sons/husbands/boyfriends, accompanied by an obligatory eye roll, as the male in their life plays about with his latest hi-tech gismo), but I know many girls who love a gadget just as much as the next bloke, and I’m no exception!

It’s been remarked by several people that I’m an older person trapped in a young person’s body, or that I’ve been born in completely the wrong century, and in some ways they were proved correct when, on the approach to my 24th birthday, I only asked for two things.

Two kitchen appliances to be precise, (I know, I’m a right party animal huh?)

Anyway, ‘what were these exciting gadgets?’ I hear you ask.


The chosen ingredients for my first ever nutriblast.

A nutribullet and a spiralizer, (you can’t see, but even just typing their names makes me grin- I’m so excited by their existence it borders on ridiculous…)

As you can imagine, my enthusiasm demanded that I try my new gadgets out- nutribullet first.

So having read the instructions, selected a recipe from the helpful book included with the appliance, and added various fruit and vegetables to the shopping list for my long-suffering father to acquire, I set up in the kitchen.

I’ve never been a great lover of fruit and veg, (though I have got better in my old age), and I can’t stand smoothies with bits in them, so a nutribullet seemed like a brilliant idea. And it really is- it’s super quick, really easy to use, and best of all there aren’t any bits! Yey!


Luckily, it tasted better than it looked!

Downside, my first one wasn’t that nice to look at, and tasted rather too much of bananas, (I hate bananas). But that hasn’t put me off- while the banana was quite overpowering, aside from that it tasted fine, and my handy little book gives me the opportunity to mix and match different fruits and veg to create my own drinks. And best of all, I might actually finally have a shot at this five portions of fruit and veg a day thing, (it’s only taken 24 years…)

Let’s just hope as my nutribullet prowess increases, so does the taste and appearance of my drinks.


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