Book Review: Broken Promise by Linwood Barclay

Sometimes you get a bit stuck in your ways when it comes to books – you find an author you like and away you go reading everything that has their name on – so it’s good when you pick up a book by someone you’ve never heard of.

Wanting to spend more time with his son Ethan and with his own father having recently suffered a minor heart attack, David Harwood returns to his childhood home, Promise Falls, only to be made redundant from his role as a journalist at the local paper days after moving because it’s shutting down. As if things couldn’t get any worse, his cousin Marla hasn’t been quite right after giving birth to a still-born daughter, and when he goes to check on her he finds her holding a baby boy she says was given to her by an angel. When David tries to return the baby home, he finds a bloody murder scene and the baby’s mother is dead… As a journalist, his Aunt and Marla’s mother Agnes implores him to try and find out the truth. Soon he’s discovering that many secrets are lurking around Promise Falls.

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My work day? Well, I drove some vans…

IMG_0907As I’ve said before, I work on magazines about commercial vehicles and farm machinery, and sometimes I’m required to go various shows.

Earlier this year I went to the Commercial Vehicle Show at the NEC in Birmingham, and while there I chose to take advantage of Ford’s offer to test drive a vehicle. The vehicle in question was a Ford Courier, and although the lovely woman who took me out and I ended up getting a bit lost it was all good fun.

It definitely an was an experience, and one I got repeat today at VanExperience LIVE hosted by Mercedes-Benz. Held at Millbrook Proving Ground (where James Bond’s Aston Martin completed that record breaking roll-sequence in Casino Royale), the whole day was devoted to vans.

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Twist and Shout

IMG_0891As some of you may know I got a spiralizer for my birthday last month, and those same people will know that I was ridiculously excited to try it out!

So, as I was so excited, you might be wondering why it took me so long. Well, actually it didn’t, and I very eagerly got it out the box to give it a go not long after my birthday… Only to find I was missing the instructions. Not ideal, but not the end of the world, and the company my mother got it from were very accommodating and sent us some replacement instructions.

Great! I was ready to go.

Or so I thought…

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In, Out, In, Out, (Shake It All About…)

Okay, so I’m not really writing about the Hokey Cokey (sorry if that’s disappointed anyone), but that first line of that song does pretty much describe how I’m feeling about the impending EU referendum.

This time next week we’ll know whether we’re going to be remaining in the EU or if we’re flying solo. That means I have less than a week to decide which box I’m putting my cross in.

I’m not ashamed to say that at this point I don’t know…

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And so the Games Begin…

Yesterday the snacks were out, the England shirt (amazingly) was on, and the build-up to England’s first match was blaring out in my living room.

I won’t lie, I can’t really remember what was going on in the hour preceding the 8pm start- it didn’t particularly interest me, (apart from watching the England team singing the national anthem to see if they actually knew the words).

And so, they kicked off and the game began…

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Europe on the Brain

IMG_0873June 2016- what will you remember it for? For many in the UK it’s the final furlong in the In/Out race, but for the rest of the world, or the rest of Europe at the very least, it means the UEFA European Championship is beginning.

I’m not a great football lover (I don’t see what’s so great about watching a bunch of people running around a field after a ball), but I do spare it a thought when the World Cup is on. I even went to primary school early once to watch it on TV (we lost, unsurprisingly, to Brazil. I think they went on to win that year, so it might have been… 2002?)

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