Europe on the Brain

IMG_0873June 2016- what will you remember it for? For many in the UK it’s the final furlong in the In/Out race, but for the rest of the world, or the rest of Europe at the very least, it means the UEFA European Championship is beginning.

I’m not a great football lover (I don’t see what’s so great about watching a bunch of people running around a field after a ball), but I do spare it a thought when the World Cup is on. I even went to primary school early once to watch it on TV (we lost, unsurprisingly, to Brazil. I think they went on to win that year, so it might have been… 2002?)

Anyway, the point is that the Euros usually pass me by. This year I don’t really have that option- I’ve been a bit silly and gone and got myself a boyfriend who LOVES football (granted, he’s not a particularly happy football supporter at the minute because he’s a Norwich boy (for anyone still oblivious, they just got relegated, which means they were at the bottom of the table)).

He’s convinced he’ll make me into a football fan, and, like the good girlfriend I am, I did go to a Norwich game last season (Leicester V Norwich- they lost 1-0 by letting a goal in in the final few minutes).

I’m still not a fan.

However, because he likes it I have relented and agreed to watch England with him (he tried to get me to agree to watch Ireland as well because Wesley Hoolahan is in the squad (he plays for Norwich) but I said no).

So tomorrow, instead of getting my usual Casualty fix, I will be tuning in with the rest of the football-loving-Englanders to watch the match and trying not to ask any silly questions.

IMG_0871In all fairness to my boyfriend he has tried to make the experience somewhat interesting for me. I love a good wall chart and so he got me one to fill in for the duration of the tournament. He claims if I have a wall chart I have to watch all the games. I think Google will work just as well, have exactly the same effect, and save several hours of my life.

Incidentally, that brings me onto another thing I like about the Euros- there’s a google doodle. It’s pretty cool (I like the one where the Eiffel Tower kicks the ball) so I hope they keep updating it as the tournament progresses.

google doodle

GOAL!! [Property of Google, I merely print screened it to show everyone how awesome it is]

Anyway, seeing as I’ve entered into the spirit of things, I suppose I should give some sort of prediction about who will win.

Let me just consult my wall chart to see who’s actually in it…


Okay. I don’t know any stats or anything about the teams, so I’m using the same principal I use when skimming the horses running in the Grand National and the multiple choice options in exams- gut instinct.

Based on that, I’m going for Croatia (like the way it rolls off the tongue, good name for a country).

My boyfriend has gone for France (I’m presuming this is a more educated guess based on actual knowledge).

So, let’s see whose team gets the furthest.

Game on!


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