In, Out, In, Out, (Shake It All About…)

Okay, so I’m not really writing about the Hokey Cokey (sorry if that’s disappointed anyone), but that first line of that song does pretty much describe how I’m feeling about the impending EU referendum.

This time next week we’ll know whether we’re going to be remaining in the EU or if we’re flying solo. That means I have less than a week to decide which box I’m putting my cross in.

I’m not ashamed to say that at this point I don’t know…

At the beginning of the year, actually even a couple of years ago I had a very clear view on the UK’s membership of the EU, and knew precisely which way I’d go in a vote, however in recent months my stance has wavered, and now I find the thought of looking at that ballot paper utterly terrifying.

I work on magazines for commercial vehicles and farm machinery, and as part of that I write blogs on various subjects, one of which was Brexit and how it would affect farmers. It was at this point that uncertainty began to creep in.

I don’t believe I can base my vote purely on what would be good for me- having read about the farmers and how the EU effects them, I think we have to look at the bigger picture when it comes to making a decision; I’m just a tiny part of this country, it’s made up of many businesses and sectors, and all of them will be affected by the decision this nation makes next week.

My main problem is that we have no certainty- unlike a normal general election where you can look at each party and decide which manifesto looks good for you and for the country, no clear plan has been made for if we leave of if we go. This referendum has come about because we as a nation are a little unhappy, and we wanted to have more of a say. However no one has stood up and said, ‘if we leave this is what will happen’, but equally no one has clearly stated ‘these are the changes that will be made if we stay’.

I know what some people will say- ‘why don’t you just not vote?’ or ‘why don’t you spoil your ballot paper?’ These of course are options, but not ones I feel I could take. As a female, I personally will always feel I have to vote because of all the women that fought so hard so that I could have a voice and could express my opinion. If I didn’t vote or spoilt my ballot paper I’d feel I was insulting them and everything the went through.

And so, even though I currently don’t know which way to go, I will sit down and will place my vote because I feel it’s important. I hope that everyone else who can will do so too. And whichever way everyone votes, whatever the outcome for our nation, I hope we will remember that we are one unit, and instead of dividing and having the losing side telling the winning side what a massive mistake they’ve made, that we will work together to try and make it work.

That’s probably a naive way of looking at it, but the fact is by next Friday the decision will have been made, and no amount of shouting or arguing will be able to change it. All we will be able to do is try to make it work, and finding a way forward will be a much better use of our energy than fighting about a choice that will have already been made.


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