Book Review: The Seafront Tea Rooms by Vanessa Greene

Kat is a single mum to son Leo and is struggling after losing her job.

Charlie is a high-flying food and drink reviewer in line for a promotion who has come to meet her new niece before returning to London.

Seraphine is a French girl hiding a secret who has come to tutor a young girl so she improve her English before looking for a teaching role

The place that links these three is the Seafront Tea Rooms, a quaint tea shop in Scarborough that soon becomes a haven, a hide away, and a place of friendship.

The Seafront Tea Rooms is a lovely book of friendship, family and following your heart, and is great for anyone looking immerse themselves in a book without trying to guess the ending.

Afternoon tea, a great British past time that is sometimes overlooked today, is brought to the forefront. And with three such different characters you get taken on a journey of different cultures and approaches to this little tradition that will leave your taste buds tingling.

Greene creates characters you take to your heart almost like friends. Even though you sometimes guess what’s going to happen, because you’ve grown to like the characters it’s less frustrating when you’re proved right – kind of like when a friend of yours comes to the realisation they have a crush on someone; even though you’d already figured that out, you’re not annoyed it took them so long, just glad they’ve finally cottoned on.

The perfect lazy read, The Seafront Tea Rooms was extremely easy to follow and thoroughly enjoyable. And for any of you craving a cake once you’ve finished reading, Greene has included the recipes for some of the sweet treats mentioned in the book.


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