New Year, Old Me

Now, I know what you’re going to say. ‘We’re five days into 2017. Number 1 isn’t she a bit late with the motivational new year’s thing?  And number 2 old me? Why old me?’

Well, number 1 today is the 12th day of Christmas, so y’know, New Year can start tomorrow, and number 2, my rather lovely other half gifted me with a trip away and tickets to a show as part of my Christmas present. That happens to be taking place this weekend, so really New Year is starting on Monday for me.

And with that in mind, from Monday I am striving not for a new me but for the old me.

Why the old me you might ask. Well, when I went to university I did what most people do and put on a bit of weight… Fortunately for me, my housemate decided after being a member of our university rowing club for a year that she wanted to be the Fresher Captain for our final year, and convinced me to join up too. Now rowing isn’t just about getting in the boats – there was running, there was circuits and there was training.

As a social rower I got out of having to go to circuits, but I found I quite enjoyed the running and so carried on when I came home. And I was really good.

Not actually good at the running (to be honest I’m pretty shocking and at the beginning I definitely stopped more than I ran), but I was really good at getting out whatever the weather a running my 3k route.

So, what happened?

A combination of  work commitments and life and general loss of motivation.

And that is why in the New Year I’m attempting to go back to the old me. I am going to be more motivated, more mind over matter, and I am going to make the time to get out there and do some exercise. And it’s not just my general health I want to be more motivated about, I’m also going to make the time to do things that I enjoy. I also got a colouring book for Christmas which I’m pretty buzzed about starting. Oh, and I’m going to write more… (obviously!)

My New Year’s Resolution: New Year, OLD ME.


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