As Twitter informed me that today, 21st June, is National Writing Day, it seemed as good a time as any to tip-tap on the old keyboard and write a blog.

Radio (or would that be Blog?) silence once again, for which I must apologise. Although I’m only a little bit sorry as it was mainly down to me getting ready for, then going on, then mourning being back from, my holiday! I spent a lovely week in the sun – and to be fair I can’t overly complain about missing it as we’ve been very lucky with the weather over here recently. Unfortunately, as I live in England I do not have a swimming pool to jump into when I get too hot or air con to help me sleep at night… But hey ho!

Anyway, more on that later, as you’ll be glad to hear I read one and three quarter books, started learning a little bit on the piano, and wrote something from the point of view of my cat, so once they’re all typed up and I fully shake myself out of the post-holiday blues, content will once again be forthcoming!

And now back to the matter at hand – as it is National Writing Day I thought I’d take this post to share what I like about writing, and why I do it.

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