As Twitter informed me that today, 21st June, is National Writing Day, it seemed as good a time as any to tip-tap on the old keyboard and write a blog.

Radio (or would that be Blog?) silence once again, for which I must apologise. Although I’m only a little bit sorry as it was mainly down to me getting ready for, then going on, then mourning being back from, my holiday! I spent a lovely week in the sun – and to be fair I can’t overly complain about missing it as we’ve been very lucky with the weather over here recently. Unfortunately, as I live in England I do not have a swimming pool to jump into when I get too hot or air con to help me sleep at night… But hey ho!

Anyway, more on that later, as you’ll be glad to hear I read one and three quarter books, started learning a little bit on the piano, and wrote something from the point of view of my cat, so once they’re all typed up and I fully shake myself out of the post-holiday blues, content will once again be forthcoming!

And now back to the matter at hand – as it is National Writing Day I thought I’d take this post to share what I like about writing, and why I do it.

Believe it or not, writing and I never used to be the best of friends – we weren’t enemies but I really didn’t like it. At primary school I couldn’t write fast enough – we’d be writing stories and I’d only be half-way through when my teacher called time up, or if we were copying from the black board (yes, believe it or not I am old enough to remember black boards!) the teacher would be rubbing it off ready to write the next part before I was even finished. I was constantly being told I needed to be faster.

To be honest I don’t know that I have gotten any faster at writing by hand (there are definitely times when I wish I knew short hand), but I wouldn’t say it drove me away from writing either. I remember once I drew some pictures when my older cousin was visiting from Canada and made her write the story that went with the picture of an island, and in secondary school I loved any task my English teachers set involving creative writing.

I like the escape that writing gives, and the way you can explore experiences and scenarios you’ll never get to in real life through your characters. It is also a chance to explore and understand new things, even about yourself. Writing doesn’t have to be about creating a story, sometimes it is just about sorting through your own emotions or problems – putting them down on a page can be a cathartic experience and help you move forward. Or you can just ramble on much like I do in these blog posts!

One thing I hope that doesn’t get lost is the art of handwriting things – ironic considering the problems I had with it eh? Computers aren’t going anywhere, and they do make things easier, but anyone could be writing it. Handwriting is beautiful and personal, and is different no matter who writes it. I could get five different people to type out ‘I’m writing a blog post’ on a computer and they would all look the same, but ask those same five people to hand write it and they would all be different, with little sparks of personality coming through on the page.

Writing in some ways is my life – it’s my job, it’s my hobby and it’s my escape. Whether you keep a diary, write poems or stories, or even spend time crafting the perfect tweet, keep writing, don’t ever stop, and more importantly encourage other people to do it too.

Happy National Writing Day.


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