Book Review: The Killer on the Wall by Emma Kavanagh

When Isla Bell is 15 she finds three dead bodies propped up against Hadrian’s Wall and a fourth person badly injured while on her morning run. Over the next few weeks more bodies appear on the wall, and Isla’s hometown of Briganton is filled with fear.

But soon the nightmare is over – Isla’s father DS Eric Bell catches the killer, Heath McGowan, and he is sent to jail.

Twenty years later, Isla is a Professor in criminal psychology and has chosen McGowan as a subject for her studies. Soon a new body is on the wall, even though the killer is still safely behind bars…

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Book Review: The Second Sister by Claire Kendal

Ten years ago Ella’s sister Miranda kissed her baby boy goodbye but never returned to collect him. New evidence has been reported in the papers suggesting that Miranda could be linked to Jason Thorne, currently in prison for murdering three women.

Ella is now thirty, and Miranda’s son, Luke is ten. With the news about Thorne playing on her mind and Luke starting to ask questions, Ella once again begins to search for answers.

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