Childhood Dreams

I don’t think there is anyone that didn’t dream as a child. To be honest, I think we all dream as adults too, but fulfilling a childhood dream is just that bit more satisfying.

I’ve always wanted to play the piano. Fortunately I know just the person to help fulfil this childhood dream. The boyfriend.

I know it’s a risky business. A potential recipe for disaster in fact, but so far so good.

It does help that I’m not starting completely from scratch. I used to play the violin (not very successfully) and I was in a choir (much more successfully), so I have some knowledge of the treble clef. The bass clef is still somewhat alien though…

One thing I have discovered is that I don’t exactly read music anymore. By that I mean I don’t immediately know what a note is when it’s written on the page, but I could probably pitch it reasonably accurately. Having stopped playing the violin at 14 but carried on singing, everything seems to be more muscle memory and about the overall shape of the music rather than the notes themselves.

Even so, I’ve persevered, and I have felt some memories returning. ‘Every good boy deserves friends’ signifying what note goes on each line for example. My boyfriend is adamant that it’s actually football, but I’d imagine that’s more because of his football obsession.

I can actually play a short piece, and I’ve even graduated to a piece where you use the black keys as well as the white ones!

I’m not going to be Mozart, but achieving a childhood dream is certainly putting a smile on my face. Plus, my piano practising has a much more pleasing sound than my violin practising ever did!


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