The Joy that the Theatre Brings…

It’s receiving rave reviews, with Charlie Stemp’s portrayal of Arthur Kipps being praised by critics everywhere.

Based on the semi-autobiographical novel Kipps by HG Wells, Half a Sixpence tells the tale of apprentice draper Arthur. As a young man he leaves his childhood home to work, giving his childhood sweetheart, Ann, half a sixpence to remember him by. Fast forward to the present day, Arthur hasn’t been home to visit much and has become quite taken with Miss Helen Walsingham, a customer at the shop.

When Arthur is knocked over by Mr Chitterlow, an eccentric playwright and former actor who reveals to him that he’s the heir to a fortune, Arthur is soon rubbing shoulders with the richer folks in town, and while it allows him to get closer to Helen it also puts him on a different path, and it isn’t one he’s sure he likes.

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New Year, Old Me

Now, I know what you’re going to say. ‘We’re five days into 2017. Number 1 isn’t she a bit late with the motivational new year’s thing?  And number 2 old me? Why old me?’

Well, number 1 today is the 12th day of Christmas, so y’know, New Year can start tomorrow, and number 2, my rather lovely other half gifted me with a trip away and tickets to a show as part of my Christmas present. That happens to be taking place this weekend, so really New Year is starting on Monday for me.

And with that in mind, from Monday I am striving not for a new me but for the old me.

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The Royal Treatment – Bake Off Final

This is it, this is the end of The Great British Bake Off as we know it. No more puns, no more Mel, Sue and Mary, and most importantly for the 2016 series, no more Candice, Jane and Andrew.

For weeks these three have been giving the nation some truly heart stopping moments (for both good and bad reasons), and now it is time for their final challenge.

And naturally for bakers of their calibre, Bake Off gave them the Royal Treatment.

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How do you say ‘Bake Off’ in French? – Bake Off Semi-Finals

Selasi had a dream. He dreamt that he baked in the final of The Great British Bake Off… While wearing a dress…

Far-fetched it may seem, but when he took over from Mel and Sue and announced to his fellow bakers they only had a few minutes remaining for their signature challenge, their was a strange feeling in the air. Could it be that Selasi had some sort of prophetic powers?

Only time would tell… (Plus wouldn’t it be fab to watch?!)

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War of the Tudor Bakes – Bake Off Quarter Finals

It’s hard to believe that we’re at the quarter finals of The Great British Bake Off already, which our original 12 bakers now down to just 5 – with Selasi being the only baker left in the tent not to have been named star baker so far this series.

This week we had yet another first for the show (they really are spoiling us aren’t they?) as the bakers were tasked with creating bakes based around the Tudor era.

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All Things Floral – Bake Off Week 6

In a series which will be the last as we know it (although no one knew that at the time of filming) we had yet another first in the Bake Off tent as the bakers were asked to take inspiration from nature in Botanical Week.

As a gardener by trade, Jane was feeling very optimistic, and along with Selasi decided to fully embrace the theme by wearing a floral shirt. Meanwhile, Tom put his best foot forward stating ‘anything that grows goes’.

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The Return of the Soggy Bottom- Bake Off Week 5

In the same way a well-baked pastry has many layers, so does the story of the future of The Great British Bake Off. Following the news that the show would be moving to Channel 4 without its pun-loving presenters Mel and Sue, yesterday it was confirmed that Mary Berry would also not be continuing her role as judge, while Paul Hollywood has signed up for the next three series.

It certainly will not be the same show, but until then we still have the Bake Off we all know and love to enjoy for the next few weeks. And on the menu this week was pastry, and for seasoned viewers, we finally saw the return of the soggy bottom…

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Batter Late than Never – Bake Off Week 4

I tuned into this week’s Bake Off with a somewhat heavy heart following the news that the much loved show would be moving to Channel 4 after the current series and that Mel and Sue would not be going with it. It will be all change next year, and at the minute I don’t know if that will be a good thing.

However, one change I was intrigued by was the introduction of Batter Week to the Bake Off tent, and I was certainly looking forward to seeing what challenges the judges would set and how the bakers would cope.

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Baked to Perfection? – Bake Off Week 3

Bread week. The week when Paul Hollywood truly reigns supreme, casting his beading eye very critically over the bakers and their creations.

And he certainly wasn’t accepting anything less than perfection from the ten bakers remaining in the Bake Off tent. He also pointed out that the star baker from bread week had gone on to the final three of the programme, so with that in mind I was eager to see who would rise to the challenge and who would fall flat…

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